It has been a while since my last post because my mother has fallen terminally ill. She is currently on her death-bed as I write this post. The doctors and nurses have given up hope. Extended family is running in and out of the house to give their last regards and go back to their regular life. I’m living in the havoc and trying to keep on top of my budding career.

I occasionally log into Github to see all the days I’ve gone without any code submissions. I get notifications from my classmates saying how they landed a job – I have trouble congratulating them while I’m being left in the dust. I get occasional responses to applications I submitted before things went down hill, and I have to awkwardly let them know I can’t do interviews right now.

I attempt to do some reading about iOS and computer science. I’ve also found an interest in game design and sprite kit, but I haven’t had many opportunities to dive into the code. My app has also been put on hold until I can find some cycles to finish it up.

I keep telling myself this is a natural cycle of life, keeping positive and work towards my career.


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