My mother is still kicking in there. This is amazing, since when we brought her home the doctors said she’d have days. We consider everyday a blessing to still have her in our lives.

I recently started a contract with Treefrog as a Swift Programmer. Treefrog is working on building a Server-Side Swift programming platform called Perfect. The Swift Sever-Side is an incredibly popular concept floating around since Swift was released open source late last year. It is great to see this digital marketing firm taking on such an ambitious goal.

Last month Facebook announced they are dropping support for Parse, their backend solution, so there has been a gap in the market that needs to be filled. Parse is a straight-forward free solution for all mobile developers to host a backend in the cloud. Facebook announcing they are no longer supporting it, means there are a lot of developers who are now looking at new solutions. I’ve heard a number of discussion around the topic, and my conclusive opinion is that we can’t expect an entirely free back-end solution indefinitely. Perfect fits nicely as a solution in this as a server-side solution that iOS developers who are familiar with Swift could launch themselves.

I can’t talk about the project I am working on at Treefrog, but I can mention I am using the Perfect Platform. Being on the ground floor, I get access to the developers who built the platform. I hope my experience will allow me to develop a tutorial for the community to be involved in this platform.

Everyone at Treefrog is super friendly and nice. The first day they did a strength assessment and everyday I’ve been there I have gotten a slice of cake. It is a wonderful place to work, with really great people.

Right now I do have a 4-5 hours commute daily, while I work this contract and juggle my family’s situation. It’s not easy moving forward but life is a battle.


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