The staff is such welcoming and friendly group that everyday it feels like it’s my first day. This week was my first week I did 40 hours in the office at Treefrog. Every week earlier I worked a majority of my hours from home because of my mother situation (explained in earlier posts).  This week I acquired an AirBnB to ensure I get a as much face time with Kyle, a senior programmer, while he’s in the office. It was a great experience being so close to the developers and staff.

This week I got my first iteration of the project complete and onto Apple’s Test Flight ready for private testing. It was an experience setting up the Perfect server and modeling the back-end code. I am not fully confident to do it completely myself yet, but I am confident to work out the subsequent bugs we’ll see this next week. This environment is excellent on having to learn fast.

On Wednesday night, the CEO, Sean, took the all late night workers out for some food and drinks. This situation gave me a lot of insight into the direction of the company and how I will fit into it all. He made me realize why I stood out from other applicants for this position was my experience with Agile Project Management. The company want requires someone to take the reigns on implementing Agile properly into it’s company’s culture and my experience makes me a good fit.

Moving forward, I am going to start writing up some articles about Agile on this website to articulate some Agile concepts that are difficult to explain.


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