I am surprised it took me this long in my career and life to realize, but since I’ve figured this out I am going to share it.

No one, in the world of business, cares about your opinions how to do things better. The business world is very selfish and care only about what can solve their current need. To have your opinions heard, you need to accumulate wins and trade them in to leverage your goal.

The advice I can offer to anyone who wants to forward their career, is being insightful to the underlining problems of your coworker/employer and offering them solutions that are true value.

Continuously offering solutions to those who you work with, will give you accomplishments that can be used to leverage your ideas of how to make the office a more effective space.

We all have ideas on how to make the work place better (or at least better for ourselves) but those who trade in their “wins” will be heard.


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