December Update

I’m still working at Treefrog. A lot of projects are winding down for the Holidays, so I’m refocusing on R&D. It’s kind of cool because I got to splurge on some book from I’m going to learn about Core Data, Animations, and SpriteKit. The last one is a little more of a luxury item, having no idea that Sprites required so much vector math and trig – bah!!

I hope to soon be organizing a Game Development club after work hours. A place to meet new people and show people how easy iOS development really is. Swift makes the barrier of entry lower, but I am learning the technology is limitless.

My brother moved back from Seattle the other day. This is a huge change, he’ll be in the province. Pretty isolated in the outer areas of Ontario, but still in the province.

I am running, and hopefully rock-climbing soon. Physical fitness is taking a special part in my life. I think all the time spending programming needs to be counter balanced by a healthy lifestyle.

Well, I hope to have some new check-in on Github and more code for you guys to look at. Yeah, grow the development community. Peace.


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